Deep Earth Energy

Fossil fuels satisfy around 86% of global energy demand. Coal and petroleum have traditionally been the most exploited but natural gases are now attracting more interest as they offer an efficient and low-emission source of energy. The demand of energy worldwide is increasing continuously, and at the same time, people worldwide are more and more conscience regarding the environment, leading toward solutions for sustainable energy development and environmental protection.

Researchers at the Deep Earth Energy Lab (DEEL) of Monash University are developing new sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies of extract of those energy.


Carbon Sequestrations

Our ultimate research goal is to provide innovative research solutions to the problems caused by climate change and global warming. The research has lead to greater understanding of storage capacity of sedimentary basins and identification of optimum injection conditions for geo-sequestration in such aquifers, and any potential mechanisms that could lead to migration of CO2 from the source rock back to the atmosphere. Monash researchers at DEEL will contribute to national and global efforts to reduce global warming, safeguard the Australian economy, and enable the transition to new green energy production technologies.


Energy production from deep earth

We are focusing the development of new, large-scale sources of sustainable energy which can simultaneously address two of humanity’s greatest challenges: (1) development of energy alternatives to complement finite conventional fossil fuel resources, and (2) the transition to lower-emission energy schemes that will allow reduction of greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere and thereby help allay global warming.

Monash Researchers are pioneering innovative and technical solutions for energy production. This includes shale gas, coal-seam gas, geothermal energy initiatives that utilise the deep earth.


Shale gas

Gas is now the third largest energy source in Australia after coal and oil. Australia’s growing energy demand, in an environment of declining conventional gas output, presents definite challenges: the increasing cost of offshore gas, declining national self-sufficiency in liquid hydrocarbons, reduced carbon footprint in energy consumption as a new global imperative, and growth economies in Asia that are increasingly hungry for gas. We are focusing development of a novel, environmentally friendly technique to improve the extraction of shale gas: an affordable, reliable technique that will increase its utility as a safe and sustainable energy resource.


Coalseam gas

Australia is set to reap wealth and economic development from its own vast reserves, trapped in coal seams, which account for 30% of our gas reserves. There is considerable community concern regarding the environmental risks associated with these large groundwater extractions, and this is also impacting approvals for new CSG developments. Monash is at the forefront of developing a novel, more environmentally friendly technique to improve the extraction of coal seam gas.


Geothermal Energy

DEEL is also focusing a zero-emission, hybrid geothermal and fossil fuel power plant that utilises geothermal heat from sub-surface hot rock to pre-heat waters used in its fossil-fuel powered turbines.