Director of 3GDeep

Prof. Ranjith PG, BSc(Hons), PhD, FTSE, FIMMM, FASCE, FGS, FIEAust

Professor of Geomechanics,

Director of Deep Earth Energy Research Lab, Monash University, Clayton Campus, VIC 3800 Australia.

Contact details: E-mail:; Tel.: +61 399 054 982

My Scopus:


Our Vision

Our vision is to improve society and protect the environment by creating new opportunities to harness the deep earth's abundant energy and mineral resources - prioritising both sustainability and large-scale economic viability. By doing so, we aim to promote and advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 



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  • Testimonials1
    Asst Prof Daniel Viete
    (John Hopkins University, USA)
    "I was fortunate enough to work within the modern and uniquely well-equipped 3GDeep Lab."
  • Testimonials2
    (Postdoctoral Fellow at Peking University)
    “I carried out the experimental work on the fluid flow in the fractured coal, I got a lot of help and advice from the 3GDeep team.”
  • Testimonials3
    (Research Associate at UCL Australia)
    “3GDeep research group headed by Prof. Ranjith PG was extremely supportive in creating a world class atmosphere for me to carry out my research.”
  • Testimonials4
    (Assistant Professor at IIT Roorkee)
    “The unique experimental and simulation facilities at 3G Deep helped me achieve landmark results on Indian coal.”
  • Testimonials5
    (Lecturer, The University of Melbourne)
    "3GDEEP group conducts excellent research on various deep earth applications with utilising their unique state-of-art research facilities and I was fortunate to be a part of it."
  • Testimonials6
    (NRF Fellow for the commonwealth at NTU, Singapore)
    "My current research focuses on the injection-induced seismicity in EGS that could serve as future research directions."